Digital Signage


Welcome to tomorrow’s way of advertising…TODAY!

Olympia Solutions has placed itself to take advantage of the profound changes in today’s advertising advances. People spend far more time outside of the home and work area than in the past, along with being more consumer oriented than ever before. That’s why Olympia Solutions delivers dynamic and rich-media oriented content using new generation media and network technology. Research shows that people are 20 times more likely to pay attention to dynamic rich-media content in contrast to the traditional printed signs.

Using digital sign technology, we have the ability to engage active consumers with relevant advertising for the most strategic places…instantly. Places such as restaurants, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, gyms and other high-traffic areas that generate captive audiences for an extended period of time. We focus on presenting active consumers, your message directly in a high-impact format, so as to convert them into potential customers for your business.

Our mission is to provide the tools & resources needed in creating dynamic content for your digital signage needs.

Why Advertise using Olympia Solutions Technology?

All successful businesses usually have one thing in common; the ability to reach their target audience, and in order for consumers to buy your products and services, they would need to know about them first. Digital Signage provides clients with the opportunity not to have to rely solely on printed media. Moreover provide the ability to change or add content in real time, while offering more bang for the buck than any other form of advertising.

Imagine owning a business where every other business is your potential customer, creating your own media network as well as franchising and expanding. All businesses large or small must advertise, from small ‘Mom and Pop’ operations to large corporate businesses that need to reach viewers on a daily basis. Olympia Solutions offers unique advertising with a punch, maximizing your ad’s content thus generating a high return on your investment (ROI) for every budget!

Benefits of Digital Advertising;

  • The cost per exposure is significantly reduced, relative to other advertising mediums.
  • Strategically selected locations & venues provide advantages in targeting selected audiences.
  • Displays multiple rich content-filled messages on-the fly with little to no cost, and with ease.
  • Reach consumers where they are: in a grocery store, restaurant, gym, while they are out of their home and in a purchase-friendly environment.
  • Influencing customers and up-selling at the point of sale with efficiency.
  • Inexpensively maximizing your exposure with consumers in selected areas.
  • High-Impact & eye-catching ads on large HD screens.
  • Eliminates printing costs and the potential of printing errors.
  • Affordability due to low cost in hardware.
  • 300% increase in sales when aided by a promotion.

Our Networks

In today’s market, no matter where you go, Media Signage is right there with you. So we made sure that you will be able to display your content anywhere and everywhere. Our networks run on every operating system’s platform. Choose from Microsoft, Android OS and Apple OS, and the best part is once you make a change, it updates everywhere!

Imagine controlling a network of screens, where you can offer your clients ad spots in high traffic areas and venues with year-round multiple-hourly play time, while setting your own prices!

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